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 One Machine
- CSKB- Electronic Weighing Machine
- CSKS- Opening Machine
- CSDC- Bulk Mixing Machine
- CSGM- Vibration Feeder
- CSSL- I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSSL- I I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSPW-Net Laying Machine
- CSWR-Feeding Device
- CSZC-High Speed Needle Punching Machine
- CSZC-Medium Speed Needle Machine
- CSZC-Raising Needle Machine
- CSDX-Special Shaping Machine For Automobile Sound Insulation Felt
- CSDX-Hard Cotton Wadding Shaping Machine
- CSDX-Amplitude Modulation Unit
- CSSJ-Hard Cotton Tracking Mobile Coiling Machine
- CSZQ-6000gHard Cotton Slitter
- CSHM-Five Roller Automatic Mixing Machine
- CSGM-Upright High Elastic Cotton
- CSTP-Ironing Machine
- CSCJ-Roll Forming Machine
- CSQL-Air Forming Machine
- CSKS-Scrap Opening Machine
- CSKS-With The Line Edge Opening Machine
- CSJM-Vacuum Clamping Machine
- CS-Touch Screen Operation Cabinet
- CS-Electric Box
- WZSX- Ectopic Puncture Machine
- WZXC- Barbed Machine
- WZYC- Pre Needling Machine
 Main Production Line
- CS-Needle Punched Nonwoven Production Line
- CS-Down Like Cotton Penjiaomian Production Line
- CS-Hard Cotton, Non-woven Fabric Production Line
- CS-Bedding Production Line
- CS-The Speed Of Needling Production Line
- CS-Fabric Of Synthetic Leather Production Line
- CS-Wide Geotextile Production Line
- CS-Acupuncture Leather Fabric Production Line
- CS-Potted Flower And Wood Fiber Production Line
- CS-Automobile Sound Insulation Felt Production Line
- CS-Car Rim Opening Soundproof Blanket Packing Production Line
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Jiangsu Changsheng nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in nonwoven machinery research and development and manufacturing. Ren Yang company is located in China Nonwoven town - Ren Yang Town branch, is responsible for the technical backbone and are the first generation of nonwoven machinery development and design, manufacturers, has a wealth of design and manufacturing experience. The company specializes in the production of "Chang Sheng" brand non-woven machinery, mainly opener, vibrating machine for cotton, high carding machines, high-speed auxiliary network machines, high-speed needle machine, stenter dryers, hot ironing machine electronic meter long roll trimming machines; while production Spewing, cotton spinning production line, no glue cotton, hard cotton production line, high-density non-woven production line acupuncture, wide needle geotextile production line, paper blankets production line, carpet production line, hot-rolled, padding nonwovens production line and so on. Also design and manufacture products according to customer demand.
Jiangsu Changsheng nonwoven Equipment Co., Ltd. will adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of" quality, excellent quality and good service, credible, fair price for principle, committed to the development of non-woven machinery, adhering to the "constant Sheng Man "quality and efficiency, the pursuit of excellence, dedication to the concept of continuous innovation and development. The company will pay close attention to user needs, providing the best non-woven and non-woven production line machinery, constantly enrich the company "Jiangsu Famous Brand" category, enhance brand value, "Chang Sheng," famous trademark, and strive to China town glory luster.

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Address:Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, on the 8th of any branch Town Yang Kun any road Contact Person:Mr.Wang
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