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 One Machine
- CSKB- Electronic Weighing Machine
- CSKS- Opening Machine
- CSDC- Bulk Mixing Machine
- CSGM- Vibration Feeder
- CSSL- I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSSL- I I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSPW-Net Laying Machine
- CSWR-Feeding Device
- CSZC-High Speed Needle Punching Machine
- CSZC-Medium Speed Needle Machine
- CSZC-Raising Needle Machine
- CSDX-Special Shaping Machine For Automobile Sound Insulation Felt
- CSDX-Hard Cotton Wadding Shaping Machine
- CSDX-Amplitude Modulation Unit
- CSSJ-Hard Cotton Tracking Mobile Coiling Machine
- CSZQ-6000gHard Cotton Slitter
- CSHM-Five Roller Automatic Mixing Machine
- CSGM-Upright High Elastic Cotton
- CSTP-Ironing Machine
- CSCJ-Roll Forming Machine
- CSQL-Air Forming Machine
- CSKS-Scrap Opening Machine
- CSKS-With The Line Edge Opening Machine
- CSJM-Vacuum Clamping Machine
- CS-Touch Screen Operation Cabinet
- CS-Electric Box
- WZSX- Ectopic Puncture Machine
- WZXC- Barbed Machine
- WZYC- Pre Needling Machine
 Main Production Line
- CS-Needle Punched Nonwoven Production Line
- CS-Down Like Cotton Penjiaomian Production Line
- CS-Hard Cotton, Non-woven Fabric Production Line
- CS-Bedding Production Line
- CS-The Speed Of Needling Production Line
- CS-Fabric Of Synthetic Leather Production Line
- CS-Wide Geotextile Production Line
- CS-Acupuncture Leather Fabric Production Line
- CS-Potted Flower And Wood Fiber Production Line
- CS-Automobile Sound Insulation Felt Production Line
- CS-Car Rim Opening Soundproof Blanket Packing Production Line
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CSWF-Raising Needle Machine

Needle plate implant density 5000-8000 needle /m * 2
Production speed 1-8m/min
Acupuncture frequency 1300-1500c/min
Dynamic range 30-35mm
Production width 2.5-4.5m
Product use
1 applies to the production of wool, coarse stripes, stripes, twill and other needle punched non-woven products.
2 is suitable for the production of domestic carpets, blankets, automotive carpets, blankets, shoes, lining, jackets, indoor slippers, toys and so on.
Mechanical characteristics
1 Wei vibration needle machine low noise, small heat, no vibration, vibration, micro oil leakage, etc..
2 the machine adopts unique design, so that the surface of the brush is always in a horizontal plane during the operation, which ensures the consistency of the length of the villi and the spacing of the stripes and the durability of the brush.
3 automatic change in the conversion of the needle and the needle when the benchmark parameters, to ensure the accuracy of the production process parameters.
4 the whole line with PLC and touch screen for all the production process automation display and control.
5 the needle plate adopts the advanced air bag clamping device, and the needle plate is fast, and the needle plate is interchangeable.
6 a multi-purpose machine, both the production of suede products, but also the production of twill and stripe products.

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Address:Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, on the 8th of any branch Town Yang Kun any road Contact Person:Mr.Wang
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